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I always wondered just how incredible the most expensive homes in Minnesota would look like. Now, I know that there are some other homes out there that are most expensive than these, that doesn't mean that these homes aren't CRAZY amazing.

We did some searching and found the five most expensive homes for sale in Minnesota according to Zillow, to go along with some amazing photos. Take a look for yourself and dive into some beautiful homes. A couple of common themes? Wayzata, Lake Minnetonka, and huge windows.

CHECK THESE OUT: Five Most Expensive Homes For Sale In Minnesota

Four of the five homes are located in Wayzata, and four of them also were located on Lake Minnetonka. If I ever know somebody, who knows somebody, who knows somebody that buys one of these homes, please send me an invite! You can even check out more photos of these incredible homes on Zillow's website.


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