Remember a couple of weeks ago when this mummified monkey turned up in the bones of the old Dayton's building in downtown Minneapolis? Yep, we're still talking about him!

You can now visit the infamous "Dayton's Monkey" at the Science Museum of Minnesota! He is being displayed in the lobby until September 3rd, so you have a little while to take a trip up to the cities to check out this little guy that captivated Minnesotans.

VP of Science at the Science Museum of Minnesota, Laurie Fink, said in a news release recently, “Our scientists are experts in caring for specimens like this one ... and we are pleased to be able to care for it properly and provide some scientific and historical context for people who have been following its story.”

So far, biologists have determined that this monkey was a squirrel monkey, which was a common breed of monkey to be sold by pet stores in the 60's.


Source: Star Tribune


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