If your commute takes you along West Circle Drive in northwest Rochester, one construction project is wrapping up Friday.


The on-going project to add a new set of traffic signals at West Circle Drive (also known as 'County State Aid Highway 22' if you're being all fancy about it) at 3rd Street Northwest has had traffic down to a single lane for the past 10 weeks or so.

But, as I noticed both heading home from the station and while driving back in this morning, the traffic lights are up-- and they're on (and flashing red-- at least they were while I was on my way into the station Friday morning at about 4:30.)


Even the orange construction barrels that had been restricting traffic to one lane in each direction have been moved off to the shoulder, so you can now drive in both lanes again-- after you stop for the lights, of course.

You'll also be able to make a left turn from 3rd Street onto West Circle Drive heading north again too. There had been a temporary sign that said a left turn there wasn't allowed during construction-- even though as I noted in THIS story, pretty much NOBODY obeyed it turned left there anyway.

And, the project is finishing right on time, too. This Olmsted County Public Works release said it was set to run from June 19th through August 31st, at the bargain price of just $365,000.

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