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The Minnesota State Fair SHOULD be in the middle of its 2020 right now, had the coronavirus not canceled it. But even if it's not running this year, one of the age-old questions still remains: What's the difference between a corn dog and a Pronto Pup?

One of the more famous food items the Great Minnesota Get-Together sells (when a worldwide pandemic hasn't canceled it, that is) is the Pronto Pup. Which sure looks a lot like a regular corn dog, which, of course, you can also get at the State Fair (again, assuming it's not been canceled.)

So what's the difference between the two? Well, according to this Star-Tribune story, it's all in the ingredients that make up the batter that surrounds the hot dog. And, it's not as simple as that old wives tale about the Pronto Pup not having cornmeal, while the corn dog does.

The story says that the Minnesota State Fair version of the Pronto Pups, do, in fact, contain cornmeal. But they also contain a few other ingredients that your 'regular' corn dogs don't.

"There’s also corn flour, as well as wheat and rice flours, which give it a more grain-forward taste. There’s only a dash of sugar, unlike the sweeter corn dog crusts. And the sausages inside the savory breading are blended fresh in Wisconsin," the story noted.

The story also went on to say that while the Pronto Pup can be found at other fairs and festivals across the country, it originated here in Minnesota, way back at the 1947 State Fair. Which makes it a true Minnesota original that is, in fact, different than a corn dog.

So that answers that. And while you won't be able to buy either a one at the State Fair this year, never fear-- because there we've found a recipe that will allow you can make your OWN Pronto Pup. Or, you can keep scrolling to find out where Pronto Pups and other staples of the State Fair are being sold this year.

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