If you've lived in Rochester a long time, you've watched many restaurants and businesses come and go. Some last many years, while others only a short time. Regardless, there are quite a few that left a significant mark. Let's take a stroll down memory lane. According to YOU, these are the most missed restaurants in Rochester.

1. Smiling Moose - By far the most popular opinion. The Smiling Moose Bar and Grill abruptly closed back in 2002. The building was later demolished as part of the Highway 52 project.

2. Shakey's - This brings me back to my childhood. Seriously one of my favorite places to go. Many other restaurants have tried to get the same vibe with little to no success (in my opinion).


3. Long John Silvers - Fortunately you can still get the greasy goodness that is Long John Silvers, just not in Rochester. There are several locations, including one in the Mall of America.

4. John Barleycorn - This is the only one that several people mentioned that I didn't get a chance to try. I hear they had some stellar steak though.

5. Old Country Buffet - Oh, good old OCB! A go-to for my family back in the day. The comfort food buffet closed their TJMaxx Plaza location after the company filed bankruptcy in 2016.

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6. Golden Corral - Another buffet favorite. It doesn't seem possible that they've been closed for more than 12 years, but believe it or not, they closed in 2007. Fortunately, this is another chain that you can still find in the cities.

7. Waldo's - The original location was in the Northbrook Shopping Center. It opened in the mid-70s. They later opened another location in northwest Rochester and one in Apache Mall. All of which are closed now.

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