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The 7th Street NW bridge in Faribault has claimed the tops of many trucks over the years. The most recent victim: a truck filled with sweet corn.

A photo and video were shared of the incident on the Concerned Citizens of Faribault Facebook page. I feel so bad for this driver! You can find the video HERE.

Credit: Harrison Roske
Credit: Harrison Roske
Credit: Harrison Roske

Can you imagine losing all of that corn? I know the driver still has a ton of corn on the back but there is so much corn on the ground! Free corn anyone? Just kidding, I'm not totally sure what happened with all of that corn but I would think it's all cleaned up by now.

I think this guy is actually in pretty good shape compared to other trucks that have hit the 7th Street bridge. So many trucks that pass under there that are too tall the roof of the truck gets scraped off by the bridge. I don't want to think about how expensive that damage must be! But then again, I'm not sure how much all of this corn is worth so this might cost a lot too.

I wonder if some of the corn could still be used? If it wasn't squashed could they just toss it back onto the truck and still use it? Or maybe since it hit the ground they aren't able to sell it anymore. If you know the answer you can chat with me on our free app!

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