All the road construction around Rochester (specifically downtown) has wreaked havoc with motorists in more ways than one the past six months. Between the orange cones, road closures, and detours, something like this was bound to happen eventually... and on Sunday it finally caused somebody to have a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day...

4th Street SW downtown, which happens to travel along the outside of our studios, has been torn up and closed since this summer, but only now have they finally begun putting in a brand new road. Well my close personal friend, and weekend warrior Gary Kadansky tagged both Troy Dunken and I on Facebook jokingly asking if this was our car "parked" outside the studio:

Credit: Gary Kadansky

Uff-da... that's a day wrecker for sure.

None of us are sure how it got that way or who was driving the vehicle, but man, you wonder how they didn't see that coming or why they had to park it right there? 

My personal guess is that this person had a late night downtown and was heading home for the morning and found him or herself driving down a road they weren't supposed to and got stuck turning around.

Luckily a pair of tow trucks came to fish them outta trouble:

Credit: Gary Kadansky

I think I speak for them, and everyone else who's traveled around downtown the past couple months that this stuff can be finished up sooner than later...

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