On March 24th, 2016, comedian Gary Shandling passed away. I was putting together a tribute as I was on the air, and Siri was listening. Here's the blog from this huge Siri fail.


Gary Shandling passed away yesterday from a massive heart attack.

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Gary Shandling's work inspired shows like The Office, 30 Rock, and even Curb Your Enthusiasm. He literally helped change sitcoms forever. I wanted to pay tribute to him, and what better way than to play some of his best stand-up moments during the show?

So, there I am, doing the show, editing Shandling's stand-up between songs,  and I hear my phone fussing at me. It turned out, Siri was listening to me edit AND do the weather. She thought I was asking her a question...the longest question ever!

I wish I could remember what I said instead of succumbing.

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