Getty Images has one of biggest photo collections in the world. Are there any Rochester people on Getty? Yes! The three you may know are...

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We'll start with one of the best known Rochester residents...Igor Vovkovinskiy. He was 27 when this picture was taken and used across the globe in news stories about Frrmr. President Obama's September 12th health-care-rally at the Target Center. Back then a lot of people know him because he regularly wore a "World's Biggest Obama Supporter." 

In 2013 he was on stage with singer Zlata Ognevich "as part of Ukraine's stage performance at the Eurovision Song Contest 2013." See him on stage here. (Source)

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Catherine "Cat" Cojocaru was in round seven when this picture was snapped at the 2008 Scripps National Spelling Bee at the Grand Hyatt Washington Hotel on May 30, 2008 in Washington, DC.

At the time, she was a 14-year-old student at Holy Spirit here in Rochester. She made it the finals, and then, on her third word, "bogatyr", fell to the I don't know if it meant much solace to her at the time, but 8th best speller in the nation? That is incredibly impressive.

And now, a picture with no names. They aren't supplied with the image, as they usually are. If you know them, please, let me know at

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This picture was taken in Vushtrri, Kosovo on March 20th, 2004. American KFOR soldiers from the 34th Infantry Division from Rochester, Minnesota search a car for weapons and other contraband at a checkpoint on the main road leading from Pristina to Mitrovica in the province of Kosovo. Back then, clashes between Serbs, Albanians and KFOR troops had left at least 28 dead and over 600 injured. No names are included with the picture, so please, if you know, please, let us know.

In the photo album, there are a TON of people from Rochester, Winona, Plainview, Byron, Austin, etc. They may look like the background, but the truth is, they're our people, fellow midwesterners, and that makes 'em family!