The store is already cleaned out and empty.

This past weekend my family made a trip to New Ulm for my cousin's wedding, and as most road trips go, my wife and I began passing the time by making small talk as our daughter slept in the back seat. About half-way through our trek Danielle mentions that she heard another store in Rochester was on the verge, if not already closed. Begging her to spill the beans, she said it was Complete Nutrition next to Chipotle north!

This morning I finally had time to run over to the northside of town to investigate, and sure enough this sign was taped to it's door:

TSM Rochester - SM

It always bugs me when signs like these are on popular businesses. It's just seems so cold, and rude. I'm not saying they should leave a full page article as to why they're gone, but I think you owe your customers some explanation why you'd sneak off so suddenly.

Having been a customer there myself, I can say they had some of the nicest, and more professional staff you could want in a store like that and I never felt out of place or embarrassed asking anyone questions on what route I should take with my workouts or overall health. It was a nice little store.

Considering our Rochester location was pretty vocal on social media, I checked their Facebook page and surprisingly they were advertising a BOGO Sale as soon as August 10, so the fact they've already cleaned house and left town seems a bit surprising to me?

TSM Rochester - SM

I've reached out to their corporate headquarters and several people whom I know worked there in the past few years, so once I learn more I'll be sure to update this article as to why Complete Nutrition has abruptly abandoned ship.

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