Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - A Rochester man who was accused of running a lucrative illegal drug operation out of his parent's home is being given a chance to keep a felony conviction off his criminal record.

Olmsted County ADC

20-year-old Christian Velez was sentenced today on a charge of 3rd-degree drug possession in the school zone. He earlier pleaded guilty to the charge through an agreement with prosecutors that led to the dismissal of a charge involving the sale of drugs in the school zone. Velez was granted a stay of adjudication, which means the conviction will not be entered on his record if he stays out of trouble and meets all of the conditions set for his 5 years on probation.

Velez was arrested in December of last year after police search his parent's home and seized 400 grams of marijuana, about 50 packets of hash oil, and nearly 70 THC vaping cartridges. Court documents also show police confiscated over $1300 cash found in the home, another $11,500 from a safe deposit box, and over $25,000 from a bank account.

The backyard of the home where the drug raid took place has a clear view of Schaefer Academy from a distance of only about 600 feet.

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