Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - The Rochester City Council is scheduled to meet Wednesday and decide how much money the city will spend next year.

Besides an operating budget, the council is also being asked to adopt a new 5-year capital improvement program.

One of the big decisions the council needs to make is how much will be spent on the north police station and whether to include a heated parking structure. 

The council may also decide whether to add a new One Stop Shop to the city’s operations to benefit the development community. One option is to open the new service at the north police station.

The council is also being asked to consider additional funding for 125 Live. The proposed 2019 budget recommends $120,000 for the organization. The organization is seeking $210,000 in city funding. Live 125 says without the increase - which amounts to about $70 per member - it will have to “scale back our services and programming”

The council has set the city’s 2019 preliminary property tax levy at $74.7-million.

The final proposed budget and levy are scheduled to be presented during a public hearing Dec. 3.

News update: Details released on two police shootings in the Twin Cities.