Not that it happens often but, but something wonderful happens to these lucky Cleveland fans if the Browns win this season. We need this in Minnesota, am I right?!?

Yep, KARE 11 reports that Bud Light is installing these coolers called "Victory Fridges." The first game that the Browns win during the regular season these coolers will be unlocked through Wifi and, tah dah, free beer for all! Each fridge fits "about 200 aluminum 16-ounce bottles of Bud Light."

Sadly though, the Browns are on quite the losing streak right now. They haven't won a game in 598 days and counting. They've lost 17 straight games!

"According to ESPN's Darren Rovell, Bud Light is installing 'Victory Fridges' throughout the Cleveland area." Installation of these fridges was scheduled to start this morning. They'll be installed in 10 different bars around Cleveland.

Man, how can us Vikings fans get that kind of hook up? Well, Bud Light is an official sponsor of the Browns, so no wonder they get free beer!


Source: KARE 11