It's fun to look back. Flashback Friday kinds stuff. We love reminiscing so much, Facebook gives us memories, Snapchat lets you see your old Snaps and stories, and a Timehop is a hugely popular app that brings back the memories.

First, you click on your account...

Click Account

Then you click on your orders...

Click Your Orders

Choose the year you want to go back to and click it.

Go back as far as you want.

Check out your order history. This was the year I spent unemployed. 

I bought a book!

This is a great book. Pete Gianakura is a wonderful man and had a bright, fun, easy going diner--type restaurant with a lunch counter, some booths, and really good food. He was the cook. His wife, however, made the baklava and soups each day. Once the Crock-Pots were empty, no more soup.

Great memories, a fun and at times powerful book to read.

What was your first Amazon purchase?

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