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KFC has come out with a lot of goofy things to buy. Remember the KFC Fire-log that smelled like KFC? (See my horror story of The Log That Cost Me $100 HERE). Today I'm here to tell you about the KFC Crocs (yes, KFC scented).

These crocs were announced at $60, went on sale, and sold out in the time it took me to write this sentence. Ok, and maybe these words, too, as it was all done in thirty-seconds! But you can still buy them...for $500 on the secondary market.

ebay seller - click for link

Yuuuup! People that didn't even want the crocs, maybe didn't even like KFC, used it as a chance to get rich quick. And that deprives you of the beauty of the KFC Croc.

There are plenty for a lot less than $500, but none for less than $100. At least not now. Perhaps no one will buy 'em at the doubled rate. There's always hope...plus it's the only way to stop these monsters from stealing opportunities from you and me, the KFC lovers! Or likers. Or maybe nurses that just want to have crocs that don't look like all the others (and have a tasty scent, too...that'd go well at mayo. lol). 


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