I could eat a hard-cooked egg every day for the rest of my life and never get tired of 'em. On the other hand, I get tired of boiling 'em. And now with summer almost here, I don't want a big pot of boiling water steaming up the kitchen (and I don't want the oven on, no matter how good oven-hard-cooked eggs are.

The answer is the Instant Pot. I didn't buy it for hard cooking eggs, but if that's all I used it for it'd be worth the price. Now, instead of writing 500 words about how I love cooking and eggs, and that one time Mee Maw at a fly (like most online recipes, am I right?), here's the recipe.


1 - Buy a dozen eggs. Put a cup of water, the trivet, and the eggs in the pot (which goes first? WHO KNOW???? Bahahahaha)

James Rabe

2 - Set IP for 5-minutes at high pressure. Close the lid, make sure the steam button on top is set for non-release. Go check again.

James Rabe

3 - When cooking is done, natural pressure release for 5 minutes

4 - Ice bath those babies for at least 5 minutes.

James Rabe

5 - Peel. Look how easy they peel!

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