It's always been on the books, but now there's a new focus on (and new signs up) enforcing this law in Rochester's downtown district.


It's the 'Riding Your Bike On The Sidewalk Downtown Is Illegal' law-- or, city ordinance, to be more specific. (In fact, it's Rochester city ordinance 131.02, if you're curious.) And it's now being enforced here in the Med City.

In fact, new signs just went up in the downtown district alerting everyone that you're not supposed to fly down the often-times crowded sidewalks on your bike. You'll find these new signs on various street lights and sign posts as well as spray-painted on the sidewalk, all in an effort to alert bicyclists who perhaps aren't aware you're not supposed to do that.


It's a response to various complaints by downtown sidewalk-users who've nearly collided with bicyclers riding on the sidewalk. I can relate. I was nearly hit by a couple of bicyclists while waiting for the traffic lights to change along 2nd Street a few weeks ago. They were both going WAAAAY too fast for those crowded sidewalks downtown.

It's not that bikes aren't welcomed downtown, though. What you CAN do, is WALK your bike along the sidewalk, or simply ride it in the street. Not exactly brain surgery here, is it?

If you're caught violating the ordinance, it'll cost you $75 plus the "associated court costs," according to this Post-Bulletin article.

So WALK those bikes or get out in the streets, bicyclists! (At least in the downtown district, that is.) Or be willing to pay up... as the (new) signs tell you!