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According to papers filed recently, the Bakers Square South building (near the Apache Mall) has been sold for over a million dollars.

E&M investments bought it at the end of July. This is the second time it's been sold in recent years, which ended up with its shutting down in 2018 (has it really been that short of time? I feel like it should be 2015).

Before we go on, I need to reminisce a little about the pies. My top three, in order...

French Apple Pie Bakers Square


Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Bakers Square

Oh hello there...

Blueberry Pie Bakers Square

Yum + Mee = Yummy

Pumpkin Pie Bakers Square

Only on Thanksgiving. ((sigh)) Thanks for the memories, Bakers Square.

OK, back to work.

Does E&M own anything else in Rochester? Yes, they are part of the group that bought the old Toys R Us Building, also near Apache Mall. They could just open up another restaurant there, but it's right next to the Toys R Us, so...maybe something bigger? Like a water-park? Just conjecture...I have no basis to believe that true.


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