A Chair Affair is done, and it was another amazing year, over $370,000 raised to help keep the Boys and Girls Club of Rochester open and helping kids all year! And they really do help kids. In fact, it's not too much to say that for many kids, the Boys and Girls Club of Rochester is what kept them alive and helped them find their future.

The night was a blast, and I have just.three things I have to mention...

Photo by James Rabe


a) Randy and Julie Brock looked smashing...and Julie knows, when the weather calls for winter boots, y'wear boots! See the rest of her outfit, in the gallery. Just scroll on down.



ii) The World's Smallest Chair! Carved into the tip of a pin by a laser. The creative team that did it have a far fancier explanation, and I couldn't actually see the chair, but I'm going to believe it's there!

C) Boxing legend Evander Holyfield was there, and I talked with him for about 10 minutes about his life growing up in the Boys and Girls Club. When it was all over, I realized I forgot to get a selfie! So, I dug thru my files and found a picture you may have seen when it was in the news.

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