Friday is National Employees Day, and if you're a boss (and totally forgot) here's my Top Five List of thing you can do to say thank you tomorrow! The last one may take the most time, but I think it's the best.

#1 - Fried Chicken. You can stop by Kwik Trip early in the morning, grab some hot or cold chicken, and boom, party! Check out my taste test here.

James Rabe

#2 - Soap from Rochester's Scrub Your Butt Soap Company. Just make sure you don't get soap labeled, "For Extra Stinky People."

PHOTO: James Rabe

#3 - Surprise Breakfast! You + Door Dash = Breakfast for everyone! Give everyone 10 minutes to tell you what they want for breakfast, then order it!

EzumeImages NOT a MOMH

#4 - A Unicorn Questing License. This will be especially appreciated by employees because its free, and so employee raises won't be spent on it. (lol) Download your own HERE.

Used with permission of LSSU - Click for link.

#5 - Maybe the best gift? A personal note telling each employee how much you value them and their contributions. Not typed, written. Not general, specific. Tell 'em something super specific about them that you appreciate.

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