You might have seen a few of these festive, orange bicycles around the Med City again this summer-- here's how you can ride one.


These big orange bikes are available for anyone to rent, pretty much anytime, right here in Rochester! How cool is that?

It turns out that they're all part of the Nice Ride Minnesota program, and you can rent them from two locations-- on the Peace Plaza, and at the People's Food Co-Op. According to the Nice Ride MN-Rochester page, they'll cost you just $6 an hour, or $15 for 4 hours. The site says anyone 18 and older can rent them. (16 or 17 year olds can rent one with an adult.)


The site says it's all designed to help get us get out and active, noting the bikes are designed for all types of riding, from short errands like a trip to the grocery store to longer rides of ten or more miles. All bikes come fully outfitted with everything you need for a great biking adventure, including:


  • 3-speeds with a covered chain
  • front basket and rear cargo rack
  • bright integrated lights powered by the front wheel
  • fenders to keep you clean
  • adjustable seat to fit most all sizes of riders
  • U-lock

I first saw them last year at the People's Food Co-Op along 1st Avenue and thought they looked pretty cool. And seeing as Rochester has over 85 miles of paved bike paths, here's a great excuse to get up on two wheels and start exploring.

You can read more about the Nice Ride MN-Rochester program HERE.