Google just released the most searched 'how to' questions. Among them is the one I always search, "How to Tie a Tie". I search that every time I have to attend a formal event - every time! You'd think I'd learn.. nope!

Other Top 'How To' Questions include:

How to Kiss

How to get Pregnant

How to make Money

How to lose Weight

How to fix a Toilet

So what 'How To' questions have you been googling? Type 'How To' in the Google search window and your most recent queries will pop up.

Mine were:

1) How to change a brake light on a 2012 Subaru Legacy (my wife's car).

2) How to install trek deluxe travel trailer. (The trailer that goes on the back of my bike)

3) How to make slime. (Not even sure but I imagine it was something to do with my 3-year-old)