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Everyone's Talking About Naked Statues at the Olympics (Watch)
The naked "Bullet Men" statues at the Olympics has everyone talking! You gotta see 'em (be warned, tho, they show naked man stuff). And you have to hear what one of them post on Craigslist: Missed Connections! He's lookin' for love, and he's not ashamed to admit…
Why the Polar Plunge is So Special to Rochester
Every year I make a big deal about the Polar Plunge in Rochester. Why? It's probably the same reason a lot of people make a big deal out of raising money to help Special Olympics. Because we know one or many Olympians, and we know how great the program is...
The Ugliest Building in Minnesota
According to Business Insider, the ugliest building in Minnesota isn't in Rochester, Austin, Winona, Byron, Duluth or Funkley, Minnesota. It's in Minneapolis.