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This Video Proves Just How Windy It Really Is In Rochester
They call Chicago the 'Windy City,' but as everyone here in Rochester knows, it's usually WAAAAY windier here than it is over there in Illinois. And now a new time-lapse video proves just how windy it really is here in the Med City.
The Most-Watched Commercial the Last Time Super Bowl Was in MN
Sure, we all know that Super Bowl LII is this weekend and that it's the first time Minnesota has hosted the Big Game since the Metrodome was still the Vikings' home stadium. That was back in 1992. But do you remember which commercial was the most-watched (and most talked-about) back then?
The Best Super Bowl Commercial Ever Was Produced Here in MN
With Super Bowl LII set for Sunday right here in the Bold North, all the on-site events and activities have kind of overshadowed one of those other best parts about the Big Game-- the commercials. I'm not sure why, but the past couple of years, the Super Bowl commercials haven't seemed as …