What's going on?

Hwy 52 Bridge Will Close Wednesday
Starting Wednesday at 7 a.m., crews will begin work on a Hwy 52 bridge, that will close the bridge send motorist on a detour for the day.
Bow and Arrow Used in Rochester Drive-By
A Rochester man contacted police last Friday and reported that his vehicle had been hit by an arrow apparently fired by someone using a bow for a drive-by shooting.
Centers for Disease Control says DO NOT EAT this Cereal
Honey Smacks cereal has been linked to a salmonella outbreak which has prompted the CDC to warn Americans to avoid the popular Kellogg's cereal. To date, 100 people have gotten sick eating the cereal.
Last month the Kellogg Company voluntarily recalled 15
Three People Killed in Crash Near Red Wing
The Minnesota State Patrol is assisting the Goodhue County Sheriff’s Department with the investigation into a multiple fatality traffic near the Treasure Island Casino north of Red Wing on Saturday.
Rochester Drug Dealer Busted Again
A Rochester man who police say is a “well-known” local drug dealer was busted this week while driving back from Chicago where he apparently picked up some cocaine.