It IS still only August, isn't it? You wouldn't know it based on some items already for sale at one Rochester store.


I won't say which store it is, (though it rhymes with 'Ball-part') because I'm guessing they're not the only national chain store that is selling these items already. And, it's not like the full holiday displays are out yet... yet, I say... but still it seems a bit early for these, doesn't it?

My wife spotted those two air fresheners --  that'd be "Cozy Autumn Cuddle" and "Tree Lighting Wonder" -- while we were doing some shopping on Sunday. And, hey, I'm the first to admit that I like those special items that are unique to their own seasons.

But it's still early August! We have a good four weeks to go until Labor Day! It's a wee bit early to already be filling your house with the scent of a Cozy Autumn Cuddle. And it's WAAAAAYYYY too early to have your house smelling like a Christmas tree, isn't it?


After seeing these in the store, though, I did a little checking downstairs. And sure enough, it appears I'm rushing the season myself. That's right, I still use the 'Winter Frost' soap in our second bathroom, along with some Fresh-Fall Pumpkin air freshener too.

Although, those aren't so much as rushing the season as they are leftovers from last year. Either way, though, don't we have any summer scents we could be enjoying?!?