It made headlines across the country when it was first talked about last month, but I was able to try a glass of this nationally-known yet local brew last Saturday.


I'm talking, of course, about Forager Brewery's 'Impeach Me' beer, which was unveiled and available for the first time Saturday during  Foragerfest. The beer made a few national news stories when it was first introduced earlier this summer.

According to Forager's Facebook page, the beer is a brewed with "600 pounds of fresh peaches" and is a "sour, Cheeto-colored peach beer dedicated to Donald J. Trump." It's a version of a similar beer Forager's brewers encountered in Germany last winter.

While the name of the beer no doubt suggests how the brewers feel about our 45th president, if you're offended, "it's just a peach beer," one brewer told the Med City Beat.


My wife and I tried it at Foragerfest on Saturday, and while I'm not a huge sour beer fan, I didn't think it was too bad. It was, indeed, sour. I didn't detect much peach flavor, but it sure was sour.

As far as color, it appeared to us that its color was a little darker than your regular Cheeto though. In fact, Forager's Chucklebox IPA (which my wife, Katie, is holding in the picture) almost looked more orange than the Impeach Me.

Overall, it wasn't a bad beer, but I don't know that I'd have to order it again. Kudos, though, to Forager for getting some national press while having some fun here in southeast Minnesota!